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Electric two-way valve
Model: XYLVA7010
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ 25mm
Nominal: PN1.6MPa
Medium: cold water, hot water
suitable for medium temperature: 1 ~ 95 ℃
Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 65 ℃
Connection: conical tube spiro text

product description

         XYLVA7010 series switch electric two-way valve consists of XYLVAA7010 series valve driver and XYLVAV7010 series copper valve. Used to control the cold water or hot water air conditioning system pipe opening or closing, to achieve the purpose of controlling room temperature. The drive is driven by a one-way hysteresis synchronous motor and the valve spring is reset. XYLVA7010 series electric valve actuator and valve body using screw coupling, can be installed in the valve, and then install the drive, on-site assembly, wiring flexibility and convenience. Reliable and durable, low operating noise and reliable operation in high temperature environments often found in concealed fan coil units.

Structural features
1, built-in contact switch, the valve opening and closing process is completed, the motor is not energized, so long life, energy saving, and particularly safe. 
2, the valve body and drive separation, you can quickly disassemble. 
3, the valve body structure is unique, allowing large pressure drop. 
4, the driver has a manual joystick for system debugging and maintenance, manual opening of about 70% (downward forced to push the white hand to the bottom of the bottom position and push the push, when the power recovery, the valve and drive back To automatic position). 
5, B-type drive built-in relay, a line control, with three-speed switch, enabling multiple valves in parallel.


The main technical parameters
Picture .png

Size mm Two links Three links
15 20 25 15 20 25
A 58 67 90 58 67 90
B 14.5 19 24 29 34 38
C 100 104.5 109.5 101 106 110